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Once again Fed Ex's incompetent drivers have failed to find my home. The post office has no problem delivering to my home; neither does UPS which delivers packages to my home on a regular basis.

But Fed Ex drivers and their system of delivery (which must be so GPS dependent it would never occur to any of them to actually look at a map or know their routes) is one of the worst I have EVER seen. I subscribe to a fresh food service which guarantees package delivery by Tuesday evening. I've subscribed for about 3 months and there have been 3 prior times when Fed Ex drivers have failed to find my home. Tonight was the 4th time.

This has occurred despite my repeated attempts to leave directions at the local shipping facility. I even called the national Fed Ex customer service and left detailed directions, all to no avail. Each time the package does not arrive, someone calls from the facility the next day to ask for directions and so I have to explain, yet again, how to get to my house. I've asked repeatedly that these directions be given to the drivers BEFORE they attempt to deliver packages and was told there is no way the drivers would be able to access them.

Instead the local Fed Ex shipping facility calls for directions the next day, after the food has spoiled and the package is already late. So despite Fed Ex's claimed guarantees, I'm lucky if I see the package of spoiled, useless food the next day, though typically it’s two days late when the food is really rotting. I'm so sick and disgusted with Fed Ex right now; they are incredibly incompetent.

The drivers should know their routes. If UPS can deliver things on time, why can't they?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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