I waited for the delivery all day today. The delivery was scheduled for 12/1.

So, this morning I go track it and find a notice that delivery was attempted on 11/30. Not really, no one came yesterday. After waiting all day today, around 7pm I track the delivery again and find another "delivery attempted" notice. "Customer not available" and No delivery slip.

Called the 800#: No solution other that "I am reporting it". The rep suggest that I go pick up the package: a 42" TV. She must be joking. I asked her if the delivery person was an independent contractor, she says yes.

So, this delivery person lied two times, he/she was never here, and I suspect that they lie so that the customer goes to pick up the package so they don't have to deliver it. Next time I will make sure not to order from the seller that uses Fedex as a carrier. I order often online and never have a problem with the mail or UPS. And this is the second time that Fedex is used in my purchase, and the second problem.

Horrible, irresponsible, bad service. They do not deserve to be in business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Fedex has become the worse courier company in recent times. In the last few months of using them their rates have skyrocketed and delivery times have been abysmal. Whether paying for priority or economy service it's all the same missed guarantee times.

Their tracking system exposes what really goes on in that company. Following along through tracking it appears that packages progress then are held-up for no real valid reason forcing the customer to go to their facility/depot to pick-up the package because of their unpredictable unreliable service.

It has occurred to me that Fedex cuts costs to preserve their bottom line by not delivering packages and forcing the customer to go and pick-up - this brings huge savings for them, consider the multiplication effect. The downside is that the customer ends up paying far more for their package because of the added expense in picking it up and the hours lost.

I predict that Fedex will eventually falter, because they are totally out of touch with their client!!! I will avoid using this service.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #654594

Fed Ex claimed they reached my house, knocked, no one answer and leave a note when I am actually sitting at the window playing with my kid! The truth is, they never come to my house to deliver my item! Suck delivery company !!!


they are so bad. they told me my iphone 5 would be here today. on or before 3pm and they didnt dispatch the item from PA to NJ until 1pm and it is stuck in Newark until tomorrow.


Avoid Fedex whenever possible. Their service has become terrible and unreliable in the past 2 years or so.

They used to be good but no more. They are an embarrassment to the courier service and I hope UPS and the usps put them out of business.

You are lucky if 50% of your shipments arrive on time....really pitiful. Avoid Fedex altogether if you can.

corporate america

*** same time! On delivery truck for two days now!!!!! No notice....


Go pick it up yourself..See how heavy this junk is..maybe you would see how it is to drag this *** along all day!!!OH maybe it would be in one piece when you get it home..cause when we get it oh well..not my tv!!!!!FOOLS

to jackson Vancouver, Washington, United States #652091

I would prefer to have you deliver it, where I could deliver a throat strike to ease your suffering you little ***.


Next time you might be using fedex stop don't I will not pickup your heavy pkgs anymore...Anyone who orders this heavy ,bulky *** can come to the terminal to pickup!!!!Oh that tv got more abuse than you can imagine ,heavy boxes falling on it, as the truck goes around a corner gets smashed along with all of the other ***.. PEOPLE WHEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAND..WE DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR JUNK..


Fedex is the worst shipper I experience in my wholelife. I waited for may package only to realized it had been attempted to deliver twice.

No notice ! I called and ask to have it leave at the door on the third attempt. No package being left. Okay so I can to have it hold for pick up.

This morning I checked and it is on the delivery truck. Enough said....

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