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I had placed an order with and my merchandise was being sent via FED EX. FED EX received the shipping information on 12/02, I was suppose to receive my package on 12/12.

12/12 came and I did not receive my package because of "inclement weather", mind you I work 15 minutes away from the location of the distribution center and there was NO inclement weather. So my package was re-scheduled for the next business day 12/13. Well on 12/13 I did not receive my package because it was delayed due to "inclement weather". Again there was no inclement weather on 12/12 or 12/13 so I do not understand why my package was being delayed for inclement weather.

I have emailed FED EX Customer service and they don't attempt to make things right, they just reply back with a formed response. Not only has my package been delayed numerous times for "inclement weather" when there was none, but FED EX is horrible with updating their website with tracking information.

This has been such a frustrating experience. The employees of FED EX need to get their heads out of their butts and get *** together.

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Knox, Indiana, United States #761905

Just for future reference, just to let you know, just because there isn't any inclement weather in your area doesn't mean theres not any inclement weather elsewhere! Weather is not controlled nor predicted....maybe next time FedEx will make special arrangements to satisfy your preferences and place your package on a weather proof plane so YOUR package will make it on time.^^^^^^Kids this is the reason why you should never do makes your brain the size of a pea.....(btw your package isn't the only package that goes in transit through FedEx).....just saying.......yay someone learned something huh????

Get a life please and start worrying about bigger things such as kids that die from cancer.....they always smile...maybe you should learn something from one of them and then maybe just maybe you'll be entitled to complain about something!! 8)

to Truth Hurts Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #767613

This site isn't about Cancer Kids, it's about companies that suck.


Ship through UPS instead!

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