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Today I received a FedEx Ground package addressed to the former owner of my home. I have owned the home for more than a year, and I do not have forwarding information for the former owner.

I called FedEx twice.

On the first call I explained the situation.

They asked me for the tracking number, but I could not find one. Some numbers were written on the side of the label with most of the numbers apparently printed off the label. Instead of helping me, and after refusing to transfer me to a supervisor (a request which was denied), after 10 minutes, I was transferred to their automated exit survey where I gave FedEx the lowest possible review.

On the second call, I again explained the situation, again asked to speak to a supervisor (a request which was again denied). With the call approaching 20 minutes, I informed the person at FedEx that he had two choices: send someone to pick up the package or connect me to a supervisor.

I explained that if neither happened, I would throw the box in the garbage. His suggestion was that I get in my car and spend what would be about 30-45 minutes to drive it to the nearest FedEx location. I explained that I was neither the shipper, the intended recipient, nor FedEx. I made it clear that I was unwilling to waste an additional 30-45 minutes driving someone else's shipment to FedEx.

I made it clear that it was not my responsibility to do so, and that all FedEx had to do is to send someone to my home as though they were picking up a parcel.

Exasperated, I gave the FedEx agent two choices: arrange for a pickup or connect me to his supervisor. I made it clear that I would not be driving the box to FedEx. I listened for 60 seconds, and I got no response although I asked for a response several times.

So I've thrown the box in the garbage as I said I would.

I remember when FedEx was first starting up. I remember their "absolutely, positively" attitude and slogan.

FedEx has apparently changed a lot.

First, a reasonable business will always have a mechanism to escalate a problem that a front line employee cannot resolve. Either FedEx lacks this (which is irresponsible) or their employee had a disincentive to escalate the call (which is symptomatic of other management problems within FedEx).

Second, the nothing that a third party who has no vested interest in the package would be asked to do what FedEx was paid to do is upside down, inside out, and just plain backwards. It is absurd for FedEx to expect someone unrelated to the delivery of a parcel to go out of his/her way to get this sorted out. As things were, I had spent half an hour trying to be helpful, and FedEx's best offer was to waste more of my time.

The fact that this box was delivered to the wrong address wasn't FedEx's fault.

It came from a department store. I suspect that either it was a gift to the recipient from someone who didn't know that they moved 13 months ago or it was ordered by the recipient who didn't realize that their former address was on file. So delivery to me wasn't FedEx's fault.

However, it most certainly was not my fault nor did I have any responsibility to get it delivered to the correct address.

I have run businesses for 46 years. The success of my business was always based on doing the best I could to make sure that the customer got what the customer expected.

At times, I went out of my way to do more than I was obligated to do to make sure that the customer's need was met. In this case, I contacted FedEx to allow FedEx to do a bit more than was expected to meet the customer's need, and the best that FedEx could offer was to have me to even more to satisfy their end customer.

They weren't willing to have someone stop by to pick up the box.

People who rely on FedEx to do what is right to satisfy the customer should take this incident to heart. I won't ship with FedEx again, because Fedex is not prepared to lift a finger to help resolve a problem.

User's recommendation: Treat FedEx like Covid -- avoid it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

FedEx Cons: Lack of support, Supervisors unavailable, Unwilling to do what is needed to deliver a package, Attempt to get a third party to do work without compensation, Disconnected me rather than deal with a problem.

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