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I spent $80 to have three boxes of dishes sent to me in Washington DC. The first time I saw the 3 door tags, were all the same day.

One said it was the 1st delivery, the second and third one said Final attempt. This was the first sign that this could get ugly. Again, all three door tags were left on the same day. I called FedEx and asked them to please ship the boxes to the 1512 14th Street store in DC.

I received voice mail messages saying the boxes had been delivered, and went to pick them up. I wasn't happy to learn after going to the store and standing in line that in fact they weren't there. I had to call the 1800 FedEx number and they couldn't help me. I was finally transferred to the CAT team in Atlanta.

After a long wait time and a few phone calls, she found the boxes and 3 days later they were sent to the 14th street store. I got the boxes and about 90% of the dishes were broken. I was told by the employee at the 14th street store to call 1800 FEDEX to file a claim by phone. I did.

I was told by the employee that they would send me the claim forms. He didn't. So, I started to file a claim on the website. I just got a letter from FedEX saying they couldn't honor my claim.

Another call to 1800 FedEX. The woman I spoke to kept putting me on long holds (the system she explained was slow), but she also told me she hadn't worked on claims in a long time. Ultimately she told me I had to work through the FedEx store in California and gave me the name of the company. When I asked her for the phone number, she told me she had no access and that I should Google it.

This didn't make sense to me as the company is a FedEx provider. Sigh. I Googled the name and found the number. According to the website, they were closed.

That didn't make any sense as CA is 3 hours earlier than DC. So, I called the company in California and of course they were open. By this time the tracking numbers had changed a few times and were consolidated into 1 number. The company in California initially couldn't find the listing in their documentation.

The employee finally found my name and address, in their books but nothing else. He was filling in, he said and that I needed to call back tomorrow. My bottom line? I have three boxes of broken dishes that I paid $80 to ship.

Go FedEx! (that was sarcasm)

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Oak Forest, Illinois, United States #925141

Yes. This seems to be standard practice for FedEx.

My belief is that they fraudulently log delivery attempts and after an alleged 3 attempts, they will not make a 4th attempt unless the shipper pays for a re-shipment authorization.

It is a way they can make shippers pay twice for the same package. BTW, that 4th attempt is usually to a FedEx store somewhere and not your home, which is another upside for FedEx...it is logistically easier to deliver to their satellite stores.

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