I returned an item to Ebay seller, spoke to incompetent operation at FedEx, got a huge run a round, the item was shipped, then refused, then on it's way back to me at least five times, "a manager will call and verify before end of day today" never got one call. I called yesterday, finally getting thru again and was told they had no record of the same tag no.

I had given them previously. I called again, spoke with a different rep and told the same. I called again, spoke to another rep, pushed and she somehow found me thru a phone number, informed me that the item had been destroyed or lost, that I should post a claim with EBay. Absolutely amazing the confusion there at FedEx.

Why didn't some decent honest person, who knows the meaning of the word integrity, simply call me and ask what/where I wanted to do? FedEx just lost a good customer, never again....

User's recommendation: No to FedEx, yes to U.P.P.S.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

FedEx Cons: Confusion, Are not their word.

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