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What would have been a simple ship and drop with UPS became a week long nightmare with Fed Ex. A person who has to work for a living cannot dream of receiving shipments from Fed Ex.

They left a sticker on the door. I called the toll free number to have them hold the item for my pickup. I went early the next morning. The shipment was still on the truck.

I went immediately after work, the shipment was still on the truck (the truck has to return to some central loading stations and "reload" - how's that for ineffective use of time).

Plus - and get this - when I finally was able to pick up the package, the girl who helped me at Atlanta's Perimeter center office (Latasha was her name) was so blatantly rude to me with that familiar facial expression that says, 'oh, she is an entitled white girl; let's treat her like *** 'cause her people did this to my people...(you know the drill). How does FedEx stay in business?

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I love how you made up all this racial stuff in your own head just by a look on someone’s face.

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