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This is a complaint against David F. Rebholz, President and Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Ground, for mis-management of a shoddy organization that has meted out pitiful service, egregious incompetence, and - worst - a dishonest, vacuous pledge to fix a litany of problems that just keep piling up.

The main reason for my filing this complaint: FedEx failed to honor its pledge, as proffered by telephone representative agent Lorraine, to have a trace agent call me, and to follow up on Case 0923608444. As FedEx (or any person) can glean from the recorded conversation, Lorraine expressly said that I could expect an agent to contact me within two hours of my phone call to FedEx's number: +1.800.548.3020, at or about 5:48 PT on 23-Sep-2011.

As of 23:59 PT on 23-Sep-2011, no one from FedEx had done as Lorraine pledged. Conclusion: FedEx - especially its trace agents - cannot be trusted.

What leads up to this broken pledge is itself a comedy of errors - or, rather, a TRAGEDY for which I hope FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith holds FedEx Ground CEO William David F. Rebholz responsible. My firm prepared the package in question using FedEx's online label printing; the package was logged into FedEx's Reno facility on 16-Sep-2011.

FedEx's website estimated the transit time to the consignee, in Winnemucca (a two hour drive by car), as ONE DAY.

Indeed, at the outset, FedEx's tracking said that the package would arrive at its destination on 16-Sep-2011.

Instead, and as the tracking record shows, the package wound up in NORTH SALT LAKE CITY (almost certainly via I-80, thus passing THROUGH the town of Winnemucca, where it should have been dropped off). Get this: it did not arrive in North Salt Lake City until 19-Sep-2011. That's three days

late and counting. And still not in the hands of my firm's customer.

THEN, FedEX screwed up AGAIN by trans-shipping the package … oops - BACK to RENO! It arrived, in the town where it started its voyage, on 20-Sep-2011. To get back to the starting point, it is almost certain that the package traversed I-80 THROUGH the destination town, Winnemucca (where it should have been dropped off), for a SECOND time. Furthermore, FedEx screwed up even more, letting the package languish for TWO DAYS days in Reno.

According to FedEx's own online tracking, the package arrived this morning, at 2:06 PT 23-Sep-2011, more than a hundred miles WEST of Reno, in Sacramento. Now if you look at a map, you can see that Winnemucca is EAST of Reno. FedEx sent it the wrong way! Yet another FedEx screw up.

Now this may be hard to believe, but, for some reason, and instead of making things right (even after I lodged a second complaint on this debacle, this morning, with Lorraine), FedEx screwed up AGAIN! Yep, they trans-shipped the package from Sacramento to (drum roll, please) NORTH SALT LAKE CITY … for a SECOND TIME.

I.e., after more than a week, the package has gone through Winnemucca (where it should have been delivered on 16-Sep-2011) at least THREE TIMES.

Meanwhile, my firm's customer STILL doesn't have possession of his package.

Summary and description of resolution desired: On 22-Sep-2011 FedEx representative Lisa agreed to waive charges for this shipment. I agreed, but under the presumption that the 22-Sep-2011 delivery date advertised via FedEx's online tracking would be honored. Now that FedEx has fallen short (WAY SHORT) of honoring that, Lisa's remedy is insufficient. In addition, and considering that 1) a FedEx trace agent NEVER DID call me today (much less within the two hour time-frame pledged); 2) the package is, for the SECOND TIME, in North Salt Lake City (having passed through Winnemucca THREE TIMES); and 3) delivery is MORE THAN A WEEK LATE (and with no sign of FedEx EVER delivering it), I am requesting that FedEx Ground CEO David F. Rebholz PERSONALLY a) deliver the package to my firm's customer, no later than 23:59 PT 24-Sep-2011, and then b) pay me a visit, so that he and I can have a face-to-face chat about how he and FedEx Ground are contributing to the disintegration of the United States, and about his sub-par employment standards that parallel our eroding educational system. Failing that, I request that FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith fire Mr. Rebholz, for engendering unethical mistreatment of customers (both my firm and our client), and for cultivating a culture of incompetence. Mr. Rebholz may not be an ***, but, under his mis-management, FedEx Ground appears to be trying to imitate a bunch of idiots. And please, don't even start with the "isolated incident" excuse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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The whole REI post is amusing. Assuming that a line haul truck is going to stop by a city and deliver a package on the way to the terminal is amusing.

He obviously has no clue how it works. Please understand there are many unhappy customers per day compared to Millions who get their package on time or in most cases, before estimated shipping date. Posting and venting about misdeliveries is not going to get FedEx's attention. They don't care.

For every customer like you that they loose, the gain 10 more.

Just the facts. Use your complaining energy towards a better purpose.


I can believe everything in this complaint because I have encountered two entirely inexplicable screwups at Fedex Ground. Two years ago I shipped some ski equipment to an apartment house in Colorado where I intended to ski.

The shipment was sent in two boxes. Fedex delivered Box 2 of 2 without Box 1. They never realized for a second that Box 1 (with lots of important ski gear) was missing. I waited patiently for a redelivery the next day and still the Fedex driver didn't have a clue there was a problem.

Then I called customer service at Fedex Ground who could not find Box 1 anywhere in their system, except to say it was picked up at the original address. They offered vaguely to look for it. When I did not have the box a week later, I started complaining up the line to no avail. I finally realized what must have happened: the shipping tag was torn off the box.

Somewhere was an unopened, undelivered box with my stuff inside. I requested of everyone at Fedex who would listen to please open any boxes that could not be shipped in the terminals Box 2 hit along the way. Nothing for a week. Finally, a kind lady in a backoffice somewhere said she had a list of contents of some undeliverable boxes.

We made a match on one box but it still took another week to redeliver this box and Fedex refused to refund my charges. My latest problem is that Fedex Ground held my shipment 14 days w/o notifying me that my credit card on file was expired. Why did they let me complete the shipping label w/o such notification? Why didn't anyone call or email me that the shipment was stalled.

I need Dave Rebholz's email address.

Can anyone give me it to me? Thanks.


WE DON"T CARE ABOUT YOU JUNK...UPS & FEDEX..who else you gonna use?


I need to understand, how, after I complained twice already in the month of January, that again on January 31, did I once again find a package that Fedup left in my driveway. But it is more than that, since the last package arrived with both items damaged.

(Who's to blame here isn't clear). Today the second item was supposed to arrive here. I expected that this time it would be brought to the covered front porch. But the ground service can't seem to get that concept.

Last week the overnight delivery man brought the first replacement item, as he always does, to the door and rang the bell. This is good behavior. The ground delivery just can't get it right. The box that I received was not mine.

As it turned out, mine was still in the depot in Stratford. The woman whose package was left for me had someone else's item. So that means at least 3 people didn't get what was expected.

And at 2:30 in the afternoon, Fedup couldn't find someone to bring me the right box, and deal with the goods that weren't mine. And they didn't seem to care.


i had to ship my engagement ring back to be fixed. i was suppose to recieve my ring a week before my wedding.

some how the ring ended up in texas. i live in Pennsylvania! the ring was coming from new york city! finally two days before my wedding my ring was in Pennsylvania.

i called the warehouse where it was at and they said it was ok for me to pick it up. i drove two hours only to get there and them tell me it was on a truck to the airport. they said they would deliver it by 4pm on friday and not to worry. around 430 it still wasn't there.

i called yet again and they said there was a mix up and they would deliver it by noon on Saturday. already furious i said okay. well, on Saturday it still wasn't here.

called in again and they said that center was closed on Saturdays and didn't do deliverys on Saturdays!!!!!! never got my ring for the wedding!!!

We have had same problems. FEDEX ground - our rural driver's refuses to deliver packages to your door.

Expensive electronic packages have been left near the gate -road entrance to our property 5 times over the last year & 1/2.

The FEDEX ground service is sub-contracted out to anyone who doesnt care. Managers are totally ignorant of procedures to DELIVER packages to the door.

They DO NOT hold a candle to the regular FEDEX overnite delivery standards. 8)

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