FedEx delivered a package to my house and left it out front of my door. I understand that this is normal practice but leaving the package there and not knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell is just rude.

The package sat outside for over an hour before my son looked outside to find it sitting there. I think it is rude that they left the package outside without even trying to notify the customer that they were dropping the box off.

Is this normal practice for this company? I do not ever plan on using this company again.

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Big Brown UPS just did same to me. I saw the car living and was surprised if they delivered to me or to somebody else.

I went out and saw my package. No ring or knock.

I chat with customer support then. The guy tald me that sender(Sears) pay only for "drop-off", so it is not in driver responsibility to ring bell.


Same complaint, no knock/ring. They won't accept responsibility, and since delivery was perishable, requested that they resolve now.

They can't reach their driver, or the independent contractor they use for this area. For the good of all, just go the big brown.

Never had a problem with them. Fed yucks

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