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Delivering a package to FedEx store:

I initially went to San Carlos Street, San Jose FedEx branch. I was standing out at 7:00 pm on 9-25 (September 25th, 2013) and they closed the door on me that we are closed out

I then called three FedEx stores and requested representative at


that I am on the way to their store and should reach by 7:28 pm. I entered this store at 7:29 pm. I still tried to explain the situation to Shipping supervisor that I need to send this package today.

The supervisor was RUDE and ABUSIVE to start with. He took advantage of my vulnerability as customer. He didn't even approach me and kept yelling on me from distance that why he will not send my package today. By the time I was done discussing with him, he showed me the watch at 7:35 pm

The driver of the van was stay put while supervisor was ABUSING me and other guys chatting with each other. The checking clerk checked in my package at 7:38 pm. The clerk didn't tape it properly so I asked him to correctly tape it and handle it carefully; he then just partly taped it and THREW on top of the other boxes.

The FedEx driver who was in store took 2 small packages after 15 minutes of my conversation with Supervisor has ended. He picked up these packages that are just checked-in while I was talking with the supervisor. When I was coming out almost at 7:45 pm, he came out of store,waived and quickly entered into his FedEx truck.

The supervisor cleverly entangled me for 8 minutes to prove himself officially that it is 5 minutes after 7:30 pm. He was enjoying with his subordinate girl and bossing her behind the counter while I was having conversation with another clerk. Not only he had PRESUMPTUOUS and INSULTING behavior but he kept SARCASTICALLY smiling on me.

He then told me that now your package will leave at 7:30 pm tomorrow and you would have to wait longer. When I asked for the manager from his team member, the other clerk told me that it is important that your package (an electronic device) reach without being damaged.

The supervisor at store wanted me to beg him to send my package today by him and his staff as he observed my vulnerability and consistent requests. The other members and truck driver couldn't help me as they were bossed by the lousy supervisor. You might wonder that why on earth I went to FedEx but I was forced by Manufacturing company to use FedEx as carrier only.

I would urge customers to do business with FedEx and complain about bad store management to consumer protection agencies. One of the best way to ensure that FedEx and its employees not be disrespect and humiliate you personally is by utilizing other courier companies as UPS, Postal service etc. The other carriers seem to have better delivery time and logistics. More importantly they will not be disrespectful and harass you. In particular, I would urge you to STOP business with:

1712 OAKLAND ROAD, SAN JOSE, CA FedEx branch

if you don’t want to be THRASHED and get HUMILIATED by FedEx store employees.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

  • Humilating Supervisor and staff
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I doubt your timing...more than willing to bet it was after 07:30. But just in case you dont understand....closed means no more business....and if FEDEX is like most retail....they start shutting down operations 10 mins before closing so its lights off at 07:30.

Through all your drama....You never explained why you showed up late.

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