I was told at the FedEx location: 460 N. Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030 (626) 403-6690 that if I purchased the FedEx Priority Overnight Package that my delivery would get to its destination in Bloomsburg, PA, by 10:30am on December 20th.

I called the KYDEX, LLC designLab after 11am on December 20th and it has still not arrived. I called FexEx South Pasadena again and they suggested I call the 1-800-GoFedEx number to find out what was going on and to get a refund. I called and after waiting on hold for over 20 minutes I spoke with a woman who hung up on me after she told me that the package was not guaranteed until 12 noon- which is/was also past that time in Bloomsburg, PA where my package was to be received. If the package was not guaranteed until a noon delivery at the desitination, that should have been commmunicated to me at the time of purchase in South Pasadena.

Furthermore, there is not a situation in my mind where a FedEx employee should EVER hang up on a paying customer. We pay for a product that in turn pays for many things in addition to the employees wages. Why would FedEx hire a person so inconsiderate that they wouldn't listen to a customer's concern but HANG UP ON THEM? The individual who hung up on me should be let go or at the very least counseled and put on a personal improvement plan.

She is fielding customer concerns on a customer service line -she WAS WAY OUT OF LINE in her behavior. I understand it is the holiday season and people are at their boiling point, however I am still working and need to carry out my work responsibilities in a timely manner for my customers. I want to be refunded for my time and effort and the complete lack of respect I was given by this FedEx employee. We all have bad days but there is no situation that that type of behavior is warranted at any time.

Additionally it is now 1 pm and the package I sent to my designLab is still not received. My company KYDEX, LLC has a corporate account with FedEx - an even bigger no-no for this woman who I spoke with and got hung up by. I hope that I get a personal apology as well as my money refunded.

I also hope that you educate the personnel at the South Pasadena location and let them know that the FedEx Priority Overnight is NOT GUARANTEED so they can inform their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Account.

Monetary Loss: $20.

  • Priority Overnight Awful Customer
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