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Update by user Jan 04, 2015

On Dec 27th 2014,

I called the same lady who met me along with the CFS manager to remind them about the meeting and our conclusion.She said by Jan 2015, my cheque is ready.

I asked her "Will the cheque be ready on first week of Jan 2015 or Jan 1st 2015 as you confirmed in the meeting?"

She said: 1st of Jan. Sure. And we will send it to you through Fedex delivery.

Jan 4th 2015 (Today),

I have been trying to contact the accounts department and the financial department since morning. No reply at all.

After hours of calling, the accounts dept answers - agent took down the tracking number from me. But then suggested me to contact the financial dept, and to the person whom I have been in contact with about my case. But they would not answer. I call the toll free number.

Told a lady all the story in short. Asked her to direct the call to the financial department. she did. But no one answered.

She said they might have all the lines busy.

(oops, busy since early morning until noon) I ended the call by asking her to make sure that "this specific lady (from the financial dept) should call me today AT ANY COST" And I have also sent an email (today) to the accounts department requesting update (pic attached).Let's see for how long are they busy!!

Update by user Dec 10, 2014

Dec 7th 2014,

Just as when you drive towards one location and you see some interesting store you are about to pass by, and you say to yourself "lemme drop by and check stuffs out"

I travelled from RAK to Dubai for some other purpose.Fedex office was near.

I thought "lemme drop by and see whats goin' on".

First of all, they won't give me access to go to the accounts department. (Understandable. Security reasons)

The receiption asked me to call the accounts dept. and tell them to send one agent down here.

So I did. One guy came. He was not from accounts dept', but some other dept'. He said he was helpless, as he's not the one to talk to.

He called accounts dept from the reception phone, no one replied. I left saying to him "Its ok. I know what to do now!!" He said: "Sure sir, I can understand. If you are not satisfied yet, just do whatever you can do about it" He said in a nice way - (meaning "we take the blame of being a pain in the ***") Me - In the parking lot, about to leave.

I called the same number (which didn't reply us earlier at the reception). The woman answered. I said, I need to meet someone responsible. some manager.

Enough of different agents who know nothing. Few seconds and a guy calls me - The CFS Manager He asked me to meet him at reception back. He came with lady who handles the refund cheques ( Same lady who answered the call). I told him everything.

He was respectful and understanding. (also speechless for some time when I told him all the incidents happened to me) He was not responsible and also unaware of this issue. The financial manager was out of the office. so he came.

But he somehow convinced me to wait until the cheque expires. By the end of this month. So early January, I receive the new cheque.

(I thought I have waited this much, another 25 days could be done, just coz he was actually understanding me and respectful) So now still waiting for the cheque.USD $106.00 Only*

Update by user Dec 04, 2014

December 4th 2014 Today,

I called today.Talked to the same lady, whom I sent the last email.

She said the finance department would not issue another cheque, until the previous cheque is expired. (Issued in July 2014, expiry in Jan 2015). So they are waiting for it to expire.

They didn't update me with this issue.I was still waiting for the new cheque for over a month.

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2014


- Shipped a package from Dubai To Saudi Arabia on 27th May 2014, at Fedex office located in Dubai near Terminal 2 Airport.

- I cancelled the shipping on the same day, and asked for refund the same day (May 27).

- The guy on phone (in Fedex office) asked to send a scanned copy of the receipt attached to the refund email, to quicken the refund process. He said it takes around a week to process the refund.

- Since then, I have Literally, Literally...called their accounts department for more than 60+ times, asking about my refund (I have proof of call statements from my carrier).

They keep saying "I will check the with concern person, and will call you." They never never ever called me back.


- Once to the customer relations manager and once to a random staff at accounts department, I said:

" What!! Just because you are Fedex, you think I can't complain on you? "

Still No action yet !!

- Once a lady answered. I told her the story. She said she will call me and update me about the refund.

Me: Im sorry mam, every agent says he/she will call me, but no one calls ever.

Lady: No sir, I don't think so this could be actually happening here. We surely call people. And I will call you right in 20 minutes.

Me: Ok Im sure you won't call me either, but please I need the refund asap. Cant wait any more.

Lady: Sure.

Guess what!! She never called me again!!!!!

And yea, Customer relations department know me. And I have a direct number for one of the Customer relation representatives. They never ever answer my call.


They asked me to send email requesting refund to one person. After few weeks, they asked me to send the same to another person. And like this, I have sent the same mail to 5 different people.


Anyways, In the last week of october, one lady FINALLY CALLED said that they might have lost my refund cheque. Asked me to send them an email saying, "Please proceed to make a new cheque, and If i receive the old (lost) cheque, I would return it back to the Fedex office ASAP."

I sent the mail. She said it might take around a week to process the new cheque. Sent mail after 10 days, reminding her the week promise. She asked to wait, until she gives me an update. Its 29th Nov 2014 today and nothing yet!!!!


All I understood is they do not want to pay me and actually want me to just give up because the amount is small. Its AED/- 390 only. (USD $106 only)

Yes, The amount is small, I mean its not worth the disturbance I have encountered through them and all the calls I made. But its not about the cash. Its about; Why are they actually doing this? (so cheap)


Another problem:

Once earlier, I witnessed another issue, where the Fedex driver refused to come and collect my package, because he realised later that I was bit far away from him. (Around 20 min driving time).

The agent on phone says, "Ok, I have talked to the driver, he will come to you soon.

The driver to me: Sorry sir. I am far. Ill come tomorrow morning.

Me to agent: The driver says can't come.

Agent: Let me call him and you wait.................... Ok sir, I talked to him, he will be there shortly.

Me: Ok (convinced)

Me to driver: How much time you need.

Driver: Sorry can't come. I already said, Tomorrow.

Me Finally called DHL


Just wanted to share my part of the FEDEX EXPERIENCE. I will never use their service again.


Mohammad Habib

Reason of review: They just don't want to pay me..

Monetary Loss: $106.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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