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I am incensed! I had a package 1st attempeted delivery on Nov. 5. On that evening, when I received the door tag after coming home from work, I immediately called Fedex to ask that the package be re-delivered on Saturday, Nov. 8. Well I was told by the rep on Nov. 5 that I would probably still have a re-delivery attempt on on the next day, Nov. 6, but that they will mark the package for delivery on Saturday Nov. 8. Well as the rep told me, Fedex did attept re-delivery on Nov. 6; they also attempted re-delivery on Nov. 7, despite my call to them. I called back again on Nov. 7 and explained that I called on the 5th, yet I still got a door tag on my door marked, "FINAL DELIVERY." The rep I talked to on Nov. 7 still insisted that I would get the package on Saturday Nov. 8, as I requested. Well, that did not happen. Sadly, at approx. 3:20 PM on Saturday Nov. 8, I called Fedex AGAIN, as it was getting late, and still no delivery. I was then informed that the package was not out for delivery, as it had been attempted delivery 3 TIMES!!! I explained that the point of my calling them on Nov. 5 was to ask that the package be re-delivered on Saturday to keep the driver from trying to deliver the package when I would not be at home. The rep that I talked to on Saturday informed me that the information never filtered down from customer service to the driver!

So, part two of this is I immediately ask to speak to a supervisor, and then I was transferred to Fedex's Customer Expierience Center in Cincinnati. I talked to Tina. Tina was nice, and after I explained this fiasco to her, she was appologetic. I asked her if the package could still be re-delivered for Tuesday Nov. 11, as it is a holiday, and I would be at home. She said that she would put it in the system, and she contacted the terminal to mark it for re-delivery on Tuesday Nov. 11.

Now it is Tuesday AM around 10:20. I decide to call fedex to confirm that my package is out for delivery. Boy was I met with a surprise. I was informed by a lousy rep in my terminal that the package, "would not be re-delivered because the driver already attempted delivery three times." I told the rep that I called last week to have this delivery scheduled, Fedex dropped the ball, so get this guy out here to do his job! Well, she told me, "Fedex drivers are independent contractors and they can refuse to deliver after they have attempted delivery.

So, to make a long story end...Fedex basically told me, "Yeah, we screwed up, but due to outsourcing, this is the best customer service we can provide. We can not make the driver come back out to your residence. The driver has told us that he had to walk up 3 flights of stairs, the boxes are heavy, his truck is now full and he is not re-delivering the package, even though it was our fault that the driver did not get the message that you called."

I guess I should become an independent contractor so I can tell my employer what I will and will not do! I now officially hate fedex. Big business in this country with all this *** outsourcing is out of control. No one is accountable anymore, and these businesses are so large that they really don't care what happens.

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"I sent a box to my daughter, because she needed her graphic calculators for her college classes. She won those two calculators two consecutive years because she was top student at a suummer engineering camp. She got a scholarship at MIT in Boston Mass., Fedex lost the package two months ago and they are still ivestigating, the customer service is awful"

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