The package was not sent express so they told me I may have to wait until 8pm for the package that required a signature to arrive. I called them at 2:30pm on President's Day to ask where it was. They said it is on it's way but could not offer me any additional information.

I just called them again at 5:37pm and she said there was an attempted delivery at 5:26pm. I was sitting right next to the front door the whole time and there was no attempt.

They said the manager is waiting to hear from the driver and they will call me once they do.

My entire holiday is completely wasted and now I am expected to wait again for a phone call. ARRRGH!!!


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Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #921357

The delivery guys, don't even ring the bell, to let someone know they are there. Today is friday, now wont get my package until monday. Hate fedex


Every time something is shipped fed ex it does not make it to my door. They now have a facility down the street and they STILL can't get my package to me.

I abosolutely HATE them, when given a choice I choose UPS, USPS, or MULE over Fed Ex. What happened to my iPad? They shipped it back even though the delivery date given was yesterday, it has already been shipped back!!!! Can I get it back, of course not.

Absolutely HATE them, how are they still in business?

I hope all of their workers, especially the CEO gets an all over body rash or they fall into poison ivy. Now I have to figure out the mess they made.


I had the same problem, my husband was home all day yesterday, and fed ex delivered my package left it on the porch even tho it required a signature, then came back and picked the package back up. The whole time saying they knocked on the door, but my husband never heard a knock. Not to mention the door tag said she came at 2:47pm and I walked in the door myself at 2:45 pm and the tag was already on the door.

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