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I sent a my laptop that worth 2300 dollar + external harddrive worth $250 plus I spent almost a thousand to deliver it quick. It is very important to send right away to my country so I trust FedEx that they will deliver savely..

Guess what they said they delivered but my dad said he never received any package. Im so *** off .

My christmas wish is "I wish people who have my package die painfully, then go to ***. I also hope FedEx will bankrupt so they not toture other people anymore by taking money and steal your package!

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Deland, Florida, United States #764019

Did you insure the package?

Carmel, Indiana, United States #763994
That's beyond *** up. Sorry you had to go through that.

When I left town for a day, 3 packages I was receiving through FedEx arrived earlier than expected so 5 hours later I arrive at my home and they were all gone. :(

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