All you complainers make me sick. First off, most of you didn't pay anything for shipping.

Second you people waited to long to order. Next year, get off your duffs and go to a store yourself. We had plenty of people who did get their gifts on time. You want to complain?

Look in a mirror, then write your ignorance down as you have no clue what delivery people have gone through this year. I did 400 stops in two days for you ingrates, and I am sick of your crying.

I went in today to deliver, away from my family. There was no Christmas here.

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I'm going to explain this one time. As D.O.T.

drivers, we are regulated by the GOVERNMENT on how many hrs you can spend on the road. After so many hrs we have to go in and punch off the clock. Take your *** up with Washington. This was a bad holiday season for all over its delivery companies.

UPS was in the news too. 90% of the public are on delivery companies' side. Go on other web sites and read other people comments that are positive.

What do you do for a living Mr. perfect?


Hey Jack, FedEx wasn't promising Christmas delivery. Amazon was doing that.

You complain with your verbal diarrhea on their site?

Quit showing your online ignorance. UPS didn't guarantee anything either.

to Anonymous Fort Myer, Virginia, United States #766838

UPS may not guarantee anything, but again, they DO deliver on time. If someone purchases overnight shipping from Fedex and they don't receive their package the next day, that IS not delivering on a guarantee which is ***.

Most shipping providers have an estimated span of time for delivery (3-7 days or whatever) and people are experiencing Fedex delivering PAST those time frames. They also lose packages, fail to deliver when an item is in their truck and various other ***. So yes, they do suck. And as a consumer, I have the right to *** when a company fails in one way or another delivering items to my house 100% of the time while USPS and UPS deliver with 0% problems.

And they deliver at least 40 items a year to my address.

Fedex *** up 2 deliveries, others are perfect 40 times. Seems like Fedex is the problem.

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #766145

*** poor excuses from a joke of a company. I agree that people should shop earlier for Christmas, but as a company, don't promise when you can't deliver. Literally.


BTW pissed off, what is your job, and who is we?


I do my job. If your package was late, I hope you ordered a brain.


Do your job. We do


AGFS handler here. THANK YOU for this. People are so f***ing selfish.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #764237

When ordering online, stay clear of FedEx! I ordered a present from Macy's on November 19th.

There was no tracking number until December 13th. The tracking number said it was delivered on December 18th, but the recipient never received it. Called FedEx: No answers, no explanations, and no service. I had to re-order the item on December 20th.

It was delivered by USPS and arrived in North Carolina on December 23rd. I had to make six phone calls and post five complaints, but in the end, I just had to *** the bullet.

So, I did not have a choice of carrier, but I will ask in future before ordering online. The excuses offered by FedEx employees and their relatives are simply pathetic.

to Ro #764242

Macy's didn't ship with us till this month when UPS couldn't handle their orders. Go to a Macy's next time, and save yourself some trouble.


Miss daughter of a mailman. If you learn to read, I took care of whatever I had in my truck.

We are D.O.T.

We only have so many hrs to work a total day. Next year have your dad deliver you gift himself in his uniform, that is on one of the days the post office didn't have a day off.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #764193

If the company shipping my package had used the USPS, my package WOULD have come, AND the company wouldn't tolerate any of its employees posting in such an unprofessional way as you are (the fact that you are passive aggressively posting anonymously tells me you KNOW you shouldn't be representing your company in such a way).

By the way, nowhere in my post do I mention my gender. You don't know if I am a "miss" or a "mister", a daughter or a son. Maybe you shouldn't make assumptions, and learn to tell the difference between different posters' comments.

to Anonymous #764200

You assumed I don't service my customers. I was called a very nasty name on Christmas eve because of a missing box.

I apologize for my assumption, but I bust my *** for everyone on my route, and I've had it with all this moaning about fdx service. The shippers were the ones guaranteeing delivery by Christmas.

to Anonymous Fort Myer, Virginia, United States #766841

Shippers guaranteed delivery by Christmas because the shipping services that they bought from Fedex guaranteed the delivery times. So it IS the fault of Fedex for not being able to deliver on their promises. (Literally).

The drivers are not at fault in most cases, but they are at fault when they load and item on to their truck and fail I deliver it so they make up a "weather emergency/natural disaster" because they either don't feel like delivering to an address or don't have the time to do so.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #764197

Oh, not to mention the fact my brother ordered a package on DECEMBER 23RD and UPS managed to overnight it to him and it arrived on the 24th. Late ordering has NOTHING to do with a company's ability to deliver packages.

You're just some whiney *** who takes everything personally -- if YOU didn't screw up, you're not the entire corporation of FedEx.

The complaints on this site aren't about you. So quit being angry at people for expressing their frustration because your EMPLOYER couldn't fulfill its advertised promises.

to Anonymous Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #766148

Yep. UPS always delivers. No *** excuses like Fedex offers.

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, United States #764185

I procrastinated in ordering a gift for my daughter... Had all year to purchase this item but of course I waited four days before Christmas to order online....

With free shipping and 2 day delivery.... Mad at myself for waiting so long to do this and thought if I don't get this gift for Christmas... It's my own *** fault and my fault for my daughter being disappointed... But package did come on time....

Christmas Eve day..... And I just want to thank Fedex....these people worked long hours to make sure I received a gift on time.... I didn't have to go into a crowed store.....sit in congested traffic .... Deal with rude people....

Sat in the comfort if my home and clicked a button....so if anyone complains for not getting package on time and blame fedex....

Think about how they worked on Christmas Eve .... While you had a nice holiday dinner with your loved ones ....



My father ALSO works in delivery. He's a letter carrier for the USPS. He spent Christmas Eve working his butt off to ensure EVERY PACKAGE was delivered. Not a single customer on his route was disappointed this year.

Meanwhile, he ordered my gift in plenty of time. It traveled across the country in 24 hours, but then sat for TWO DAYS in my city. It STILL has not been delivered to me yet and FedEx says it won't be delivered until tomorrow. That is FOUR BUSINESS DAYS (a total of five for those keeping score at home) that my package has sat without being delivered to me.

There is NO EXCUSE, and YOU are a shining example of what NOT to do in customer service.

Deland, Florida, United States #764015

I agree with FedEx here. Christmas is the same time and same day every year.

It never changes. Yet every year when I worked in customer service I had people saying I 'ruined their Christmas' because their gift didn't get there in time. Sure, you paid for overnight shipping and that's what you should expect. If it doesn't happen your shipping is refunded, that's fair.

But if you say your Christmas or your kid's Christmas was ruined then you've completely missed the meaning of the holiday.

And just because there is the expectation of overnight isn't a guarantee. Why do you people wait until December 20 something to order anyway?! Christmas is December 25th.

You obviously know this because you "needed to have it there by Christmas". How about next year then you order maybe beginning of December or better yet end of November and stop yelling at FedEx or UPS or anyone else who didn't 'deliver on time' just because YOU procrastinated.


Perhaps you should re-read the complaint. It was not about the delivery people, who work incredibly hard, particularly during the holidays; rather, the complaints were about corporate FedEx's logistics.

I've had the same FedEx delivery person for a number of years - I know how hard he works and.

I know how much he would like to be home with his wife and kids when he's busy delivering a package at 7:00pm. However, some of FedEx's policies and procedures leave a lot to be desired.

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