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(Cut and pasted from an email I'm sending to Fedex right now)


My name is XXX XXXXX. I just had a bad experience with Fedex that I would like to relay to you. Apparently VXXXXX, the residing manager at the Dawson St. office in Burnaby, has already spoken to you about this, but I'll give it to you again in my own words.

1) I spoke to a Fedex agent on the phone to tell them I was shipping a package. I told them the contents of my package, and that it needed to be delivered overnight to L.A. I told them there was a hard drive in the package, but the agent did not tell me I had to fill out an FCC form. (Mistake #1) The agent DID email me a Commercial Invoice, so I would imagine he was supposed to send me an FCC form.

2) A Fedex courier picked up my package yesterday (Sept. 15th). He saw the contents of the package, but did not issue me an FCC form. (Mistake #2). Today, the same courier apologized for not knowing. He was the first, and only, person, to actually apologize and admit that Fedex did anything wrong.

3) Today (September 16th), I recieved my package BACK at my doorstep, with a note saying that I was not home, so the package would be delivered again tommorrow, to my door. I called Fedex and they said that packages should not be returned like this - the Fedex office should have contacted me and told me that a form was missing (Mistake #3).

So my package, which was supposed to arrive today in LA, was driving around in Vancouver in the back of a truck.

Because I could not contact the Dawson St. office by phone (no Fedex agent would give me a number), I biked to Dawson St. in Burnaby. No one there was apologetic, or even remotely helpful. They said "the package MIGHT get to L.A. by tommorrow, if the truck gets in on time. Obviously, this was unacceptable to me, so I got them to contact the truck. I biked 25 minutes BACK to my house, where the truck dropped off the package, then biked BACK to the Dawson St. office with my package, and finally got the package shipped.

During this entire 5-hour escapade, I did not have a single person offer me a solution on how to rectfy the problem. I had to come up with solutions myself. Even more maddening: not a single person (except the original courier) apologized or would admit that Fedex had done anything wrong. In fact, the first thing out of the Dawson St. agent's mouth was "Fedex is not responsible for how international forms are filled out." The manager in charge, Vxxxxxx, was lackadaisical, and more interested in hiding back in his office than helping me out.

Seeing as I spent the last 5 hours fixing Fedex's mistakes, biking all over town, I asked Vincent if Fedex would waive the fee for this shipment. He declined.

This tells me that Fedex is

a) Not willing to admit when it has made a mistake

b) Not willing to put out a measly $60 to repair an obviously distraught costumer's relationship with their company. (Even paying half, $30, would have made me feel like someone cared).

c) Not interested in maintaining an image of a reliable, or caring, company.

Vxxxxxx said that he spoke to you about this, and that you agreed - Fedex would not help pay for this shipment. I would like you to explain your feelings on this situation, and please explain to me why you didn't think it was worth it to help me with the shipment, after having made numerous mistakes, and taking up my entire afternoon with fixing your own company's mistakes.

I am forwarding this to general complaints as well, but I hope to hear from you personally within the next couple of days.



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fedex does not give out the local terminal number because fedex pays the customer service reps to do that job or else the terminals would never get any packages delivered because of calls

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