When someone wants to deliver my package, I mean really intends to, they drive up and get out,

they walk in and shout (or honk a few times before they get out), so that if we are in a back room, we

hear them and come out. But this leaving the door open all day, waiting and listening, running out

constantly to see if that noise was the delivery truck, is for the birds. I just sacrificed another entire

day waiting for something that should have come days ago. And checking the 'delivery status'

umpteen times to make sure.. and there it was, just before five p.m.; 'attempted delivery' but business

was closed/nobody available. Sure enough, the garage door still up, the door unlocked.. They attempted- but just didn't try too hard. I'm glad they didn't strain themselves. As for me, I will be waiting again all day tomorrow.. wish I could say this never happens, but it happens often. Now I have to explain to someone else why I didn't get the delivery, why I 'wasn't available'. Thanks for nothing, again.

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