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I paid $28 for a business cards to be delivered on Wed before Thanksgiving. They were not and it said that there was an attempt to deliver and I was closed..

LIE-I have a 24 hour doorman and it shows that the shipment was back at the location at 5:00pm.

Then I was guaranteed that it would be delivered on Friday after Thanksgiving

The system said it was still at the warehouse-I called 4x and they said it was on a truck and would be delivered.


Finally with the last call I was told he just could not make it and would be delivered on Monday

I am shocked that this is Federal Express. I will not need the package after Saturday because I needed it for a meeting...

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Yep - seems like they populate their customer service department with people that will say anything you want to hear just to get you off the phone.

Why do they even bother having a customer service department at all? They should just have a phone message that comes up saying "F-off - we don't care about your package. Suck it up and we'll deliver it when we feel like it."

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