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Fed Ex is AWFUL. Do not use them! I waited ALL day for a package that required a signature (my replacement phone). The guy left without getting my attention. My garage was open, my door was open, if the guy had knocked, or looked, or said hello, I would have heard him. He made NO attempt to get my attention. We went to the CLOSED door, PAST the open door (where he could have SEEN me IF he had looked).

When I heard a car leaving I saw it was FedEx. I ran outside and down the driveway, calling and waving. The driver continued to back out and drove away! It must have seen me. ***. I will never use FedEx.

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How can you not hear a person at your front door when you are on a one level apartment and there are only 2 apartments on the level? I had a package to be redelivered on a Saturday after the 1st attempt.

I stayed in the front all day. It was 3:55pm so I decided to check on the status of the delivery. Behold at 3:52pm it was noted that no one available or business closed. THIS IS SO UNTRUE!!!!!

I immediately called customer service, and was told that the driver could not be reached. "SO SAD"


How come you didn't hear when he pulled into the driveway, if your garage was open and your door was open? When I am waiting for a packeage i look out my window whenever I hear a vehicle approach my house, but that's just me.


I don't believe you. It's their JOB to leave packages with people, and the last thing they want to do is REdeliver the same package to the same address on more than one attempt.

Plus, why do you think he's obligated to "look, or say hello"? He made no attempt to get your attention? Isn't a knock on the door enough? I HIGHLY doubt they're allowed to look in windows or call out for people.

I wouldn't want a deliveryman doing that at my house.

Bottom line - you were busy doing something else, you missed the delivery, IT'S YOUR FAULT. :p

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