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I had a large shipment of reference books that I needed to send from my work to home. I took them to a FedEx office to have them packed and shipped.

I told the clerk that I didn't want a signature requirement because then I would likely end up getting stuck having to go to FedEx on my home end and pick them up. I would never be able even to lift the boxes. He asked me what the value of the books was and I told him.

Today, there's a tag on the door with in-person signature required.

I can't even leave my signature on the door; I have to be there. Which is a big problem since I travel for work and am seldom home. I call FedEx and they say that I was told that signature is required when the declared value is over $100. Except I have the receipt with a big X on it that the clerk marked for no signature.

So I have to cancel my plans for tomorrow so I can sit home and wait for the doorbell to ring and hope I hear it. Will never use them again.

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