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I am refusing to ever purchase something from someone that ships through FedEx, and I would never ship using FedEx to begin with. There prices have never been exactly competitive. Additionally, today I was trying to reschedule a delivery that requires I be here. Like most people, I work 9 to 5 (which really means 8 to 6 with getting to and from work). Well, FedEx only delivers 8 to 8 for FedEx ground. No problem, I thought! So wrong.

I offered to pay up to $20 extra (I got a good deal on the item I had ordered). No amount of money would make them budge to move it to the other segment of the company. They said that, due to the structure of the company, it was impossible. Well, this is simply asinine as far as structure goes. Here I am, I have a higher willingness to pay, and you are turning it down! They said they could deliver it to my work. Well, there is a reason I want this 27 lb shipment sent to my apartment. I don't have a car and live in an area with bad public transit. As such, I also can't get to a FedEx store, so holding it there will not work (thus my higher willingness to pay). Also, it is wine. I work at a school. Shipping it there would be awkward and a tad unprofessional given the age of the students.

Yes, I have some issues. However, I know I am not alone in my area. It is still considered part of a major city. I simply cannot fathom how UPS can do it at a competitive price, allowing a higher level of customization, shipping just as quickly,and FedEx can barely chew gum and walk at the same time.

Now the part that really broke the camel's back. As I am pleading with them, continuously offering to pay more, asking if I have just lost my shipment, the rudest man is on the other end. In the most sarcastic tone, he says, "I'm sorry for your trouble." I snapped. I responded that I was simply frustrated and knew quite well that he was not sorry in the least. At least try to hide it. I know I'm living in the North now, but I was raised in the South, the home of smiling like you mean it even when you want to just scream. If you are in customer service, this is what you do, and somehow he wasn't just a front man, he was a customer retention specialist! Let me tell you, sir. You failed. I may have been a little emotional, staring at a wall not knowing how to solve this issue, but you offered no help. When I was trying to explain, my situation, I heard the sign of, "Just stop it lady." When I was trying to walk through the steps online to tell you what I did, you had absolutely zero patience and said, "Well. Are you there?" and I heard the disgust in the question. At one point you even said, "Well, if you would just stop and let me tell you our solutions (the same things your predecessor told me)..." I was shocked. I had already told you those wouldn't work, after all. This alone is a reason I will never do business with you again.

Not to mention a truck tried to run me over just a few months ago. It kept going despite red lights in all directions and a walking signal for me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I will use UPS, where they respect their customers and the drivers follow the rules of the road..

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