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Fedex office in Staples located in Hollywood Blvd, FLorida are idiots. Thanks to them I will never use FEDEX again!

I brought them 2 prestickered boxs on Monday for Fedex Ground. The girl looked at them and told me where to leave them.

It was a bit starnge that by thursday they were still not delivered and Friday I came back to drop off another box. This guy working there told asked me if the green box was mine, he said they tried to call me but the phone ws disconnected and the box could not be shipped because he did not like the way it was packaged and looked.

On my fedex there is 4 points of contact, 2. fax 4.address

This harvard graduate genious couldnt figure out another way to contact me so this package sat there for 5 days till I returned.

I cant imagine what would of happened if I didn't return.

Then he critized how this thing was packaged and this tpe of cardbaorad is not recommended for shipping.

I took my packages to UPS exactly as is and they shipped it immidiatly without issues for a few pennies less.

No more Fedex, if this is the type of people they hire and train then they can shove their services where the sun don't shine!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Customer service does NOT exist in todays corporate enviroment. All they care about is the bottom line. They do not train as this would cost their profit margin.

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