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I recently bought a item online from Fed Ex instead of delivering my package to my apartment...which on that day I was there!!!

they just Micro managed and just dropped the item in the apartment leasing office....IN EASIER TERMS they were lazy, and just dropped in the easiest place. Which was the leasing office. My package was stolen from the office before I could get it, because I never got a sticker saying that I had a package. All FED EX can say is SOMEBODY signed for it!!!!!

NOT ME THOUGH!!!!! as long as they get paid this super giant FED EX doesn't care. I talked to 3 phone REPS and 2 online REPS. Phone REPS said he was supposed to deliver to apt 1st, then if not there deliver to office.

"WHICH HE DID NOT DO". The Corporate peoples online said with businesses and universities and apartment buildings, they deliver to the main office and let the office hold packages.

THEY ARE TELLING ME TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. I told FED EX if they don't want to deliver packages, then the need to get out of the delivery business and let UPS,DHL and the USPS deliver them....

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If the package was addressed to your actual rental unit and they did not contact you at that unit or at least leave a sticker saying that they missed you, then you should have a valid claim. If they had left it and it was stolen,& the shipper did not request a signature then ???

I have dealt with this very same issue. It becomes a he said/ she said nightmare. Try contacting Walmart. They shipped it but YOU actually never received it.

If you have a centrally located mail box in the rental office, then I'd *** to the manager who is in charge of the office to see who's signature is on the delivery receipt. Fed Ex can send you a copy of that signature. I know they run their deliver package car drivers ragged with an overload of deliveries. I understand the drivers won't deliver if they feel it is unsafe , such as in a section 8 ghetto like Cabrini Green, or Robert Taylor homes .

Regardless, you should be pissed . That's why we prefer to use a UNION delivery service like UPS. Fed Ex is NOT union. Over 35 years of using UPS and we never had a problem.

Don't give up just yet. The squeaky wheel gets the oil !

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