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On December 20th I shipped a box Priority Overnight from Denver to LA to my daughter's office for her Christmas and birthday (which is on Christmas) for over $75. December 22nd the tracking said it was delivered (a day late, but fine, I would have taken that), she walked door to door in the high rise commercial building and found it wasn't at any of the businesses.

I called the claims department and they said that the box was actually delivered to the loading dock. My daughter went to the loading dock who told her they had refused it. The label clearly stated her office suite #. Could the driver take it up 6 floors and deliver it correctly?

No. Instead he sent it back to Indianapolis. The next day her office closed for the holidays, so I pleaded for them to deliver it to her house, which they finally said they would do. For the next 2 days I was told repeatedly that "it is on the truck for delivery" and it never was.

On Christmas Eve at 5pm I was told that the box would not be delivered until Monday since I "rerouted it". After many phone calls and losing my mind, it finally was delivered 12/24 by a manager, which I do appreciate. BUT - if anyone had bothered to just tell me that the box was sitting in the station after the second trip to Indianapolis she would have gone to the station and picked it up. Fedex could learn a lesson here - TELL the truth!

I have no recourse and no desire to even try for recourse. I will never use Fedex again, have told my office we won't use them (I do the shipping at the office) and will tell anyone who will listen - do NOT use Fedex!

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And no Package Fox, you can't get a refund if the receiver refused to accept the delivery.


So the place you sent it to refused the package and your angry with Fedex? OK


You should be able to get a FedEx refunds if the package wasn't delivered on-time. You will have to submit a claim or use a service

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