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Similar horrible experience here! Twice in the last two months FedEx has missed their scheduled delivery date.

The first occurrence was via Amazon Prime which is 2-day shipping and it was scheduled for delivery on a Friday. Well, Friday night came by and no package, so I jump on their website to track it and guess what - the status showed "No scheduled delivery date available at this time" and the scheduled delivery "Pending" The whole weekend went by and I didn't get my package until Monday night. Granted the service type still said "2-day" so it's not like Amazon made a mistake on their end; Amazon paid FedEx for 2-day shipping but FedEx simply took their sweet time and failed to fulfill the type of service that the customer paid for.

This second time, I have an order scheduled to be delivered today, Thursday, so excited to find out if my package is going to be waiting for me at home, I go online to track it and low and behold - same "No scheduled delivery date available at this time" and "Pending" status messages again! I've already been waiting a whole week for their slow service to deliver my package and not only are they now going to make me wait even longer, they don't even have the courtesy of updating their systems in a timely manner so I can know what this new delivery date is going to be (but then again, it could be as useless as the first one.)

Moral of the story: if you have a choice, never, ever use FedEX; if your vendor chooses to ship via FedEx, take their fake scheduled delivery date as a "it'll get to you, when it gets to you" type of service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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We as consumers need to disrupt this monopoly and file a class action lawsuit against Fedex for false advertisement. They advertise these times and never hold to them.

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