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On night of December 25th my family and I were travelling home from Reading PA by way of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. That night, visibility was poor due to dense fog, light rain, and at times fine mist. Long stretches of the PA Turnpike have been under construction since 2006.

As we approached our exit, (exit 358) construction in that area was under way. The construction zone reduced the road way to two single lanes separated by a solid line and concrete construction barriers on either side. The width of these lanes could barely accommodate a large sedan. The mere thought of driving along side another vehicle purposely, given the weather conditions and traffic lane limitations, would constitute a dubious example of safety and sanity.

Approximately one mile before said exit 358 (US Route 13 Levittown/Bristol) a FedEx tractor trailer, definitely travelling greater than the suggested speed limit of 45 miles per hour was in the left lane and quickly coming into view. I had the best vantage point, I was sitting in the back seat.

This FedEx tractor trailer was starting to drift closer and closer into my Father's lane, the right lane, you know, the one that tractor trailers belong in. Perhaps Mr./Ms. truck driver was growing leary of that concrete barrier whilst driving 60 mph?

Ever get one of those moments where your brain is screaming but your vocal cords are not cooperating? Yeah, me too. An edge of the trim of the truck encroached and got "caught" on the rear view driver's side mirror. Mr/Ms. truck driver jolted back to life when this occurred. The truck eased back into its "proper" lane space, "releasing" the mirror.

Due to the excessive traffic and fact our exit was fast approaching we opted not to "chase" down Mr/Ms truck driver. So no, we were unable to visualize a license plate or a driver/truck number.

My Father dutifully went through all proper channels. A claim was eventually filed. After a reasonable amount of time for response, my father placed another call to FedEx's corporate offices. Thereafter, he was dutifully placated amongst and transferred to various departments. At one point he was advised "No FedEx vehicles were on the road the night of December 25th." Hmm.

He did eventually receive correspondence back from a representative of FedEx's "insurance company". He called back as instructed and guess what? They had no record of the incident. "No, ma'am it's 'C' as in cat [in English]; not G as in cat [gato] in Spanish". My Father's case number appeared after the mispelling of our last name was all cleared up after reciting the 17 alpha numeric claim number. Suffice it say, speaking with two other representatives from FedEx's "insurance company" during this call, a healthy dose of dismissive placating and a letter to the CEO with no response, tells us wee common folk they that just don't care.

Unfortunately, without a license plate or truck number in this case, this story and many other incidents in the eyes of FedEx is mere conjecture without credence for some reason or another. Perhaps, a well executed investigation conducted by local news media outlets, into FedEx's corporate lack of responsibility and accountability in regards to complaints received and lack of employee integrity may just provoke others to ditch the purple and orange and seek out the brown truck people.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Reimbursement for cost of replacement rear view mirror assembly.

I liked: Zilch.

I didn't like: Customer service, Delivery wreckless.

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