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Being originally from an area with severe winter storms, I understand the nature of how such weather impacts transportation, but I feel that the use of it by FedEx in this case is totally unwarranted. My saga began when I ordered a perishable biological product (defibrinated sheep blood for use in microbiology) from Dixon, California on a Thursday afternoon.

I paid for next day air to be delivered by 10:30 AM on Friday. Ultimately the delivery status was changed to NA after 10:30 came and went that Friday. I called the company and we discovered that FedEx had claimed shipping delays in many states due to a winter storm. The package was stuck in Memphis, which was NOT a state under their weather delay (California was not under delays either).

When I looked at a county by county breakdown on FedEx's site only a handful of counties were affected and in reality the only "severe" weather we got was some sleet and cold rain Thursday night and temperatures that didn't fall below freezing. I called customer service Friday afternoon to arrange to pick up my item at the local distribution facility. I should add at this point that the product I ordered must be kept cold and if it warms up, is invalidated and spoiled due to it being blood. The representative first of all told me that the delivery driver was late in California and missed the first plane, and second she told me that it would likely be ready for me by 8:30 AM at my local facility on Saturday.

I got up early on Saturday and I saw that the item had made it into my local distribution facility (at the airport, not the place where I could drive to pick it up) around 6 that morning. I waited almost all day and called them at 3 that afternoon and they said that the plane leaving Memphis was late so even though it had arrived that morning it wouldn't be available for pickup until Monday morning. By then obviously the blood has been completely spoiled, so honestly they could have thrown it away and it wouldn't have mattered. I un-scheduled my pickup and told them to deliver it by 10:30 Monday (I'm writing this on Sunday so I haven't even received it yet; it's spoiled so I'll have to buy a new one regardless).

Now if I go and order a new one and FedEx continues to use weather as an excuse or do anything else to delay my shipment, I will never be able to get a usable product as it will be spoiled by the time FedEx delivers it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $92.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #613853

You must be listening to different weather reports than I have been hearing. It doesn't matter what counties you check, maybe try checking various states.

It seems like to me, I have heard that Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, etc. were hit really hard. In that case, flights could be grounded and I do know that in Kansas and Missouri there were numerous vehicle accidents, as well as many vehicles being stranded for miles on the interstate highways. In the winter things like this can happen anyplace.

I have even heard of snow in California this winter.

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