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This new feed ex guy is constantly making lewd and

inappropriate remarks toward the women on staff. He comes to drop off packages but flirts and ask the staff out for dates.

I know his name but at this moment would like to keep that quiet unless he continues. this is a place of business and not a brothel or a dating site. he needs to be taught a lesson. when staff member see him coming the run in the other direction and this is totally unacceptable.

is this continues a formal complaint will be filed against the Fed Ex company. this behavior is unacceptable and inappropriate

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Dallas, Texas, United States #717190

What does this have to do with you?Could it be that you are jealous that you are not getting this "ATTENTION".Why?Can't you just mind your own business and Stop trying to create a problem.If the fedex delivery person is causing such a problem,Why is there no one else complaining but you.

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