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After waiting 2-3days between tracking updates, I get three days at once, and oh its here in town, out for delivery.

Waited and no FedEx. Then tracker updates to "delivery exception, business closed"

Yes there's is an empty retail space upstairs, but its a completely different address!!

Checked all the doors on the building and found no "sorry we missed you at ___ o'clock" sticker.

Day two;

Package is out for delivery, this time landlord is in the business space, and I'm anxiously awaiting FedEx by the window.

Tracking updates to "delivery exception: customer not available"

Again, no "sorry we missed you" sticker on any door in the building.

Day 3

Spent the entire morning sitting in the yard in a folding chair waiting for the delivery guy, who again updates tracking to "delivery exception"

The lying s.o.b. DIDNT EVEN DRIVE BY.

Had to take a long lunch to get it straightened out, as well as return to FedEx after work to do the job they were paid to and didn't even try.

On top of that the box was smashed from both ends, now I have to take it to a shop and pay to have it tested, instead of enjoying what is likely the last weekend of the season here.

My building is the only one on this street, it is a 3 story bright yellow building, addresses are clearly visible from the street and we even put up signs with directions on the other doors, and I made a 4x8 sign in the yard that simply said "FedEx this way-->"

Had a second package shipped FedEx smart post, paid extra to have it here before by yesterday. It was here yesterday at 3 am was supposed to be delivered by 8pm, but I won't see it till afternoon today at best, and tracker has changed from "on time" to saying it will be FIVE DAYS LATE

Long story short, I will never use FedEx again unless it is the only way..

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Oak Forest, Illinois, United States #925123

Yes. This seems to be standard practice for FedEx.

They fraudulantly log delivery attempts and after an alleged 3 attempts, they will not make a 4th attempt unless the shipper pays for a re-shipment authorization.

It is a way they can make shippers pay twice for the same package. BTW, that 4th attempt is usually to a FedEx store somewhere and not your home, which is another upside for FedEx...it is logistically easier to deliver to their satellite stores.

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