My name is Shawn Phillips, and I was asked to send a small bottle of a vitamin complex to my friend in Arizona on his Fed-Ex acct. as I have done 5 times in the past.

I took the package to Fed-Ex in Port Elizabeth South Africa at the airport, and they gave me the waybill, and one other document to fill in. I did so, and left the package with them assuming it would go out immediately. THE NEXT DAY, a woman called me and told me I would have to fill out a "Prior Notice" form before it could be shipped. I have never been asked to do so before.

I live 80 kilometers away from your office there, so she said she would email the form to me, and I could return it by same. I went to my computer, and waited THE ENTIRE DAY. I finally called them, and ascertained that she had gotten my email address wrong. I then gave my email, (spelling it phonetically), to 3 separate people, who ALL GOT IT WRONG !!!

I NEVER received the email, and because I am a professional musician, and I am starting a 6 month tour on Feb. 14th, and I had to airfreight my equipment to the states, I stopped by your office at the airport and asked for the form, and it took them 20 MINUTES to PRINT it out. My manager and have an acct. with you, and we have have been dealing with Fed-Ex since your inception, and I have never come across such gross incompetence, and ineptness.

I want to know why ALL the necessary documents were not presented to me the 1st time I was there. And why wasn't that form a standard pre-printed form? Due to the delay caused by your people's South African attitude, my friend will not be home by the time the package arrives. He wanted it before he left home.

Yes, he will get it when he returns, but I feel very strongly that your company should foot the bill for such blatant confusion in the simplicity of sending a package to the U.S. For many years, Fed-Ex has meant RIGHT NOW to me, and your good offices in Port Elizabeth must reflect that attitude.

I don't care if it's in South Africa or not, that Fed-Ex credo must be extant in every single one of your offices around the world. You need to replace several of the people in that office with competent personnel.

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They are indeed incompetent and inflexible. Rather go with DHL, they seemed to be way better there.

Batdambang, Battambang, Cambodia #26320

: :cry , Never thought that I would be a sucker eneough to belive , what some say .

I am putting it as it is , I have been a Motorcycle dealer, been around bikes to moe peds. But I am giving you all a warning. Right from the beginning . Even if you are a mechanic. For the life of me , do not purchase that Machoman 260 . The more I read, an the more I try to salvage this one. ( which I see is going to be a loozing battle )

It all starts off , before you get it out of the crate. Only good thing I can say about it is . It did start up right away. Tried breaking it in as they said. Well at 30 mph for the first 300. Ok, 4 oil changes. Now we are suppose to open it up an get 80mph. Now first you got to get up that steep hill an turn afound an come down it an yo wont get 63 out of it, for dam luckie didn't get run over going up it, 25 mph. Gutless as a rubber band. An when you fill it with fuel, don't try topping it off for it will run right out the over flow , which I have not found as of yet, but the way it runs out, must be size as the fill.

As I stated prior, I ordered Avon tires for it, as the front one was out of round, An the seat is , or has no padding, the tote Box rack , holes didn't line up, so took torch an long gated them. Molding for the tote box , to inatall , likes 11 inches being long eneought to do the job. .

Now when you park it on the side stand, it is not like on a regular motorcycle. For any kind of breeze an it will roll right off that stand, An you can break off a mirror, an mar up the side panels.

Parts manual. Take it a part an make your own. An before reassembling , round off all the sharp edges, an reinforce the rear frame.

As much as I have read , what others have gone threw, an are going threw.

Makes no diff if they would give it to you . It is just going to take up space in your garage. Those that say they just , are thrilled with them. Myself I want to see if they even have one.

First I was going to sell the blame thing when it had 23 miles on it. Myself I could not screw some one , an have them pestering me for there money back , or end up in a law suite.

Yes, I got mine threw Scooternitro. After they got my $$$$ , the run around till I finally got it. 5 weeks later.

From what I read , an as pissed as I am at the moment. Got to cool down first , an they are not to far from me in Nixa, I will find them . An as they advertized , they better be ready for , I got an Attorney that will not stop till things are correct. I will give them a chance. But now way am I going to be run over , or let some one else get run over , when they say, it will do 80 mph, an ready for Hwy. riding. after break in. 45 mph, just don't get it .

I say crate them all up an ship them back to CHINA>

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