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FedEx' drivers are utterly incompetent! Today, I got a knock on my door, and the person said "FedEx" when I asked who was there.

OK, you'd think the person could give me 30 seconds to answer the door, right, since it is clear that I am home? Heck no! Instead, the package (an important financial document) was just sitting on the ground when I opened the door. Did I mention I live in a 100 unit apartment building, where *anyone* can grab a package or letter that is just lying on the ground?

And this is not the first time FedEx has done this to me (and no, I never signed an authorization to leave a delivery at the door), plus I see them drop off packages at other people's doors too. How hard is it to leave a delivery slip?!?

FedEx sucks!

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Newcastle, England, United Kingdom #658897

fedex customers are pains in the butts.

whinge whinge bloody whinge.

your not perfect yourselves.




At least you got your package. My package was suppose to get here yesterday.

But nothing came after I had stayed home all day long to recieve it so when I tracked it today it said customer unavailable or business closed.

So I called the help line to find out why the driver lied about this and she told me that it was never even attempted to be delivered. So now I have to wait at the house a second day because you can't do your job yeah this will be the last time I use fedex for anything.


Yes i love the blame game that Callyson plays.FEDex did this, did that,yet still uses fedex. If she is so unhappy with fedex don't use it..But no she must love being a cringing customer..maybe she can't figure out how to rid herself of this beast called fed ex..How can she get rid of the bad drivers bad fed ex please forum HELP THIS POOR WOMEN!!!!

HELP HER,before another knock on her door and GASP it's fed ex..WHO FEDEX wait WHO fedex Oh the Horror of it all... I feel your pain fedexers


When i worked for fed ex small envelopes and small boxes were the norm.These companys have changed so much over the last ten years.. Now no weight limit, boxes that weigh over 90lbs, crazy drivers texting talking on phones, house with no numbers on main drags..WE had a driver killed about 7 years ago looking for a number on a highway .

dogs that never *** but manage to *** anyway.. dogs that jump and scratch, customers asking what is it,you tell them it's a box they go ballistic ..120+stops per day every day Before you bitchabout all people who deliver your stuff UPS USPS FED EX think about the *** they have to go through daily, that you and the complainers would have second thought about your petty complaints..Oh yeah its not that i'm complaining about the job Its frustrating to deal with people who know NOTHING about the day to day grind.Thank god i don't have to deal with people like Callyson who can't,or won't deal with her issue herself why can't fed ex do this do that 'figure out how to rid herself of all this stress that fed ex causes her.WHY CALLYSON do you put yourself though such an ordeal WHY WHY WHY PLs TELL THE FORUM WHY????Retired AT 59 and loving it..OBAMA2012


If you think fed ex is doing such a lousy job for what according to you a long time why do you subject yourself to such abuse???? Tell the shipper no more fed ex..

there your problem is solved..but wait you must enjoy the fed ex experience since you have been enduring this abuse,yes abuse from fed ex...Oh the agony how can you stand it!!!CALL YOUR SHIPPER TELL THEM NO MORE FED EX GOT IT!



UPS just leaves my packages at my door without ringing the bell at least FedEx lets you know you have a package. Also you should complain to the person that sent the "important" document to allow it to be delivered without a signature. If it was so important, maybe it should of been sent with signature required, then it would not get left at your door as the sender allowed.


I knew the FedEx deadbeat defenders would be back for more...

1. The postal service has *never* just dumped a package at my door where anyone could take it: they either left a delivery slip, left it with the manager, or, yes, knocked on my door. Just another reason to use them instead of FedEx.

2. Since when does it cost FedEx extra to leave a *slip* behind, giving the customer the option of picking the package up at FedEx, having the package re-delivered, or allowing the driver to leave the package *with customer approval*? FedEx did this until about a year ago, and so I did not have to complain about this before then. It should be common sense not to just dump a package off where anyone can get it!

3. This is not the first time FedEx has just dumped a package at my door, and I have seen packages in front of my neighbor's door, so the fact that I was home *this* time does not take away from the fact that FedEx places a higher priority on dumping off deliveries than on safe handling of packages.

4. Those of you who think that this amounts to whining and complaining are not only missing the point of this website (why don't you go to Oh, right, because there is no such website thanks to their crappy customer service...)

5. I was thinking that I should amend the title of my comment and specify that the real problem is not with individual drivers so much as it is with cost cutting managers who want to squeeze every dime they can out of customers by making as many cuts as they can (hence, the need to dump off packages quickly and unsafely.) However, if the nasty comments from the FedEx drivers are any indication of their attitude, they are equally to blame (really, the less you deal with the customers the better? Why not just quit your job then? Your customers won't miss you...)


The driver followed FedEx policy perfectly if you want to sign for your package then pay the extra shipping charge for a "direct signiture" . If you do that then don't complain about not getting your package when your not home.


this women needs to have fed ex get her a special driver.One that will cater to all her needs and whims..If you live in a place that a pkg will disappear after 30 sec. You really need to move really do it when i worked that would be perfect delivery.. My motto was the less i dealt with the customer the better.YOU are NUTS!!!!!!!!


Callyson you started then debate about fed ex.What exactly is your beef?As you stated the driver knocked on your door identified he she as being a fed ex driver You stated you received the pkg.. What exactly do you expect??

Does the postal service come to your door?I HIGHLY doubt it.Complain when there is a valid point,not because of such a minor incident. That is all


Ooh, I see the Fed Ex drivers are commenting in droves...haters be hating today! Too bad none of them can come up with a decent defense of FedEx' actions, and have to resort to juvenile personal attacks instead.

If they had any brains, maybe they would start their won website, called Or is that too literate for them to handle?


Lets see,You got your welfare check .Did you want the fedex driver to cash it for you?Or maybe take you to the liquor store for some more gin?Have a stiff drink and relax..


You need to buy a house, that way you can bet the mortgage money.. I always hated apts,because of people like you!!!!


seems that important financial paper was your welfare check..Go get a job with fsdex ups,trust me you will feel better and be able to bend over easier.


seeyalater is right. What makes you so special that you need the pkg handed to you? there is not enough time in my day to wait.get a life


I have to agree with seeyalater, you got your package so whats the big deal? perhaps you had a hard time bending down to get it. Maybe a trip to the gym and you will see the light....Ha ha


To respond to the person who commented on my comment: let me guess, with that attitude, seeyalater is a FedEx driver? And no, I do not have a "thing" for the driver--how could I, when I did not even see her?

What I have a *thing* for is responsible service!

So, how about you live up to your name and get lost?


you would complain if it was an empty box.. you were home anyway .

How crazy are you have a thing for the driver? seems that way..Also are you just crazy or just messed up in the head..get a life and quit ***..bout a envelope you got ,GOD

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