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I ordered Verizon data plan and mobile hotspot data device on the condition that the device be delivered today. On-line tracking info said the device was out for delivery with Fed Ex today and would be delivered today, so I waited all day at my office for the guy to show up.

At 3:30 I stepped out into the hall and happened to notice that the *** had left a note on a back door to the office (no sign, locked, no one answered when he knocked) instead of bringing the delivery to the front door which is located on the same wall, not 15 feet away. *** could not find the right door!!! Called Verizon and they said there is nothing they can do about it, which of course, is bs.

The Verizon plan is on 14-day approval, so I immediately went to my credit card on-line and disputed the Verizon charges. I do not pay idiots who use *** delivery services and then claim there is nothing they can do.

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Deferiet, New York, United States #707534

I am positive neither company will go on without your business...

Grow up and have patience. Maybe you were beating off to Brokeback Mountain when he knocked.

to Denver #707669

If you Fed Ex guys would deliver packages instead of spending your time trolling on this list, the company might not have such a horrendous track record.


Al, do you know the difference between mobile data and a cell phone? Or are you just trolling here for dates?


Al, does boost offer data plan only? I have a T-Mobile call phone which is acceptable, but am looking for mobile data for my laptop. Thanks.




Prissy little individual at best. No loss to that company.

Get a cheap boost phone and get on with your life!!!!!!!!! :p :p :p :p :p

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