Let me start by saying that I do a lot of online ordering, so delivering packages the right way is extremely important to me.

I can't begin to count how many times I've contacted FedEx and spoke with a supervisor concerning issues with package deliveries. It's really a waste of my breath, because the service doesn't change.

My initial call to FedEx - I would sometimes be at home working and all of a sudden hear a package slide and hit my door hard. I live on the top floor of my apartment away from the stairs that the FedEx person would walk up, so from the sound I can only assume the person comes to the top of the steps and slides the package down the hall towards my door.

Another call to FedEx - I have packages that FedEx would leave at my door, but they will not knock to see if I'm home. On one occasion I found out that my package was outside of my door, because UPS(they have always been wonderful, professional, etc)knocked on my door to deliver a package and I saw the FedEx package outside of my door. UPS can you please teach FedEx how proper package delivery should be done?

And another call to FedEx - Sometimes the FedEx person will deliver a package to my office ( they do this sometimes if I'm hone or not at home). Anyway, the delivery person(s) has NEVER left any type of note on my door to let me know that a package(s) was delivered to my office. It is not until I begin wondering why I haven't received an order and go to track it online do I see that delivery has already happened. As a matter of fact, this very thing is what initiated this review today. I just checked on an order that I haven't received and it says it was delivered yesterday. Not only was I home all day yesterday, but again NO NOTICE on my door. In the beginning before I realized what was happening Macy's resent me an order, because I thought my order was never delivered.

I can't express with words how I satisfied I am with FedEx. It is obvious that not much is expected out of their drivers and they are too lazy to do their job properly.

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Why would they deliver to your office? How do they even know the address of your office and that it's yours corresponding to your home address?

The packages must have had your office's address on them and not your home address.

In that case, a driver is not going to drive from your office to your house just to leave a note that they delivered to your office. That's a waste of time when they could have just delivered to your house.


Some people complain if drivers knock because they may be sleeping. How about getting out of the apt and getting a job! Then maybe u could afford a house.

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Somebody call this guy a waambulance...

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