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this last monday i went into the fedex office to send four packages via ground mail. it was in the morning. there was nobody in line at the time. i had my packing slips filled out and taped with a piece of double sided tape on the backs of each box.

the first thing the staff said to me was, "are those going ground?" "yes", i replied, to which she informed me, "those aren't the right boxes" (they were fedex boxes that the worker the afternoon before told me i could use). i told her that someone there told me i could use them. from that point on, she had a bad attitude.

as she processed the boxes, three medium and one large, she removed the labels i had hand-printed, stuck the computer label onto the package and then left the hand-printed labels in a pile next to her.

when she had finished the three medium boxes, she placed the hand-printed stickers on the boxes. one of these she placed incorrectly, because she noticed it and had to rip it off the box. in doing so, she destroyed the label.

she processed the large box and then told me my total. i gave her my credit card and she charged me for the packages.

i mentioned to her that i wanted the large box marked fragile. "we don't have any 'fragile' stickers or stamps here - you'll have to write it on the box yourself". "ok", and i wrote fragile in very large letters on a part of the box i thought would not be covered by a sticker.

she placed the hand-printed label onto the big box and put it over next to the scale. i looked at the labels and saw that this was the incorrect label for that box. she sighed loudly in frustration. i pointed out to her that this box is going to northern california and the hand-printed label is for oklahoma. in exasperation, she said, "well, i'll have to do these all over again." i said, "ok".

after she had done this whole process again, which by now had taken more than a half hour, i noticed that the large box didn't have a hand-printed label on it. i told her that we were one short on the labels and asked her if she wanted me to fill out another one to put on it. "that won't be necessary". "ok", i said.

she then mentioned to me that it would be "45.xx". i told her that i was concerned that my card would be processed twice. she told me "i voided the first transaction". "ok" i said. by this time, the steam pot inside my head was ready to boil over.

so, i had her charge my card again, she gave me the receipts and i left, after inspecting each package myself. they seemed to be in order.

when i got home that evening, i opened up my online bank account and found that i had been charged EIGHT TIMES! (not four, as i had four boxes). after calling customer services in in memphis, i was given a number to call for billing - by that time, they had closed.

so, all in all, some of the office staff at fedex are as incompetent as they could possibly be. i had to call each one of my family to let them know that packages were on the way, but i could not guarantee that the correct ones would arrive.

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