Portales, New Mexico

I ordered a new cellphone from Verizon on Sunday Jan.6.

They said it would be shipped out Monday Jan 7 via Fedex and I would receive on Wednesday Jan 9. I arranged my week and my Wednesday schedule around this, staying home so I could sign for delivery. I checked the tracking, said out for delivery on Wednesday Jan 9. At 2PM I checked again - "delivery exception".

I called Fedex and they said they could not find the address. The address is on Google, and I regularly receive USPS and UPS here without problem. I told them what I thought of their competence, and asked when I could expect to receive it. "Not today" they replied.

I told them to return to sender, and cancelled the order. I might add, this is not the first time I have had a problem with Fedex.

I might also add, I was home all day, with the blinds open so I could see the street, and there was no Fedex vehicle in sight at any time.I thing that when they are behind they pick items to lie about not being able to deliver so the drivers can get off the hook.

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