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Update by user May 30, 2013

Okay, I may have lied about the last update being the last for tonight. I wanted to come in here and post my tracking log thus far:


5/29/2013 - Wednesday

10:02 pm

Arrived at FedEx location


2:26 am

Departed FedEx location



5/28/2013 - Tuesday

5:07 pm

Arrived at FedEx location



5/23/2013 - Thursday

9:49 pm

In transit


8:47 pm

Left FedEx origin facility


7:12 pm

Arrived at FedEx location


6:17 pm

Shipment information sent to FedEx

3:57 pm

Picked up


Update by user May 30, 2013

One more update for tonight: It appears that they shipped my package using Fedex Smartpost.Completely contrary to it's name, this is probably the stupidest delivery service out there.

Fedex Delivers your package to your local USPS office, who then delivers it to you. If I wanted my package to be shipped by USPS, I would ask for it. It also doesn't help that every single report I've read about Smartpost has complained about an extremely late delivery.

Please, take my advice.

If you are about to buy something, and you see that it will be shipped by Smartpost (and there are no additional options), buy the product somewhere else.It's THAT bad.

Update by user May 30, 2013

Oh, I would also like to point out that I live near Harrisburg, PA, where there is a Fedex shipping location. So there is no way in *** that it should have been in Ohio for any reason whatsoever.

Original review posted by user May 30, 2013

So, I place an order for a motherboard for use in my new computer.I look on the Fedex tracking, and it said that it was shipped on May 23rd, with a delivery date set for Thursday, May 30th.

That's all well and good, but today (May 29th) I checked tracking and got a huge surprise. The package had been shipped out of a fedex facility in Ohio.

20 hours later, it arrived in THE SAME FACILITY, with a new estimated delivery date of Monday, June 3rd, a full 12 days after the shipping date.This is completely unacceptable and if I can help it, I will never have my order shipped by fedex again.

You'd be wise to do the same.

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Don't feel bad I paid a extra $20.00 for my textbooks to get here in bloomington ca by yesterday!I only got 1 out of 6 books, and 5 of them are still in grove city ohio.

So why can't I track my other book?

And another think I live close to the fedex in bloomington.So why in the world did the only book i got leave bloomington @4am just to go to riverside @ 6am and delivered back to bloomington @ 8am yesterday morning with a rude guy knocking and ringing the doorbell like crazy!

Almost gave my grandmother a heartattack :x


Wow anons sure are a**** holes.

Fedex sounds like it sucks. I know I had issues with them and insane times.

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