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FEDEX is paid to deliver packages and refuses to leave them in safe locations. Amazon (package sender) confirmed that no signature is needed and lost packages are covered by Amazon's insurance.

I called and finally got through to the local FEDEX office in Syracuse (the location tasked to deliver my package). The operations manager, Rene Moya was HORRIFIC. He was rude and kept interrupting me. He kept repeating the same *** explanation like it was magically valid because he kept repeating it. He wouldn't listen to a word I said during the few times I got to speak.

His explanation contradicted every fact I had. The more he talked the stupider he sounded and the more he kept contradicting himself. He REFUSED to acknowledge the mistakes and issues, and basically confirmed that my package wouldn't get delivered because I wouldn't be home to sign for it in person...which was NOT required by Amazon (for this $8 package). And not even with the signature release form I left in the lobby the day before....which their OWN driver wrote on my door slip the first day (for me to sign it and leave it in the lobby). Go figure.

Fred Smith should be ashamed of what his company has become. FACT!!! He talks out both ends and does NOT inspect what he expects. He certainly has NO clue what's going on in his company or at the local offices. This is the NORM at FEDEX!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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