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Just so you all know - Fedex drivers can opt NOT to deliver a package for any reason if they personally deem it "unsuitable for delivery." Neither the sender or intended recipient will be notified of this decision. It doesn't matter how clear you make it to Fedex that the package must arrive and that no signature is necessary or specifically to leave the package at the door - the driver can just say "nope!" and guess what, you have no recourse.

Fedex won't even explain why it was "unsuitable for delivery" and they will not refund your money. Caveat Emptor!

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Where did I get my information? Fedex customer service!

There was no damage whatsoever to the package. And yes, there seems to be a huge disconnect in information between drivers, counter personel and customer service.

I have asked and confronted many of them - all have different answers. Wow - that's comforting.


I am not sure where you got your information from, but this isn't accurate. As a FedEx Driver, I have the right to request an inspection for a package because it appears unsuitable for delivery.

The package is inspected by a Quality Assurance Specialist and is repackaged for delivery if nothing is damaged. If the item is damaged, it is returned and a replacement is ordered by FedEx to be shipped to the customer all the while the customer is notified.

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