Dear Alexan,Our documents were promised to be delivered by 6pm Wednesday 17th April.Now it is 7pm Saturday 20th April.Our documents have not been delivered.I rang Fedex today at 9.28 A.M AEST to check the status of our documents. (I had been told last night by Eddie that they had been cleared and would be delivered to Bali today and he would call me to update).He did not call.I got through to Eddie.

He said he had no update as the Jakarta office was not open.Eddie rang me back at 10.28 AEST to say the Jakarta office was not open but he would ring me back in half an hour.Eddie rang me back at 11.01 AEST to say that the Jakarta Office was not answering calls, nor was the case manager. He said he would call me back in half an hour.Eddie never called back.I rang Fedex at 2.24 AEST. I was put through to Justina. I explained the enquiry and asked for Eddie.She said Eddie had gone home for the day.I asked to speak to you Alexan as Eddies superior and who said you were 'putting all your effort' into expediting the non delivery of the documents.Justina said that you, Alexan had gone home.

I asked her to contact you to ask you to call me in Australia to update me. She was rude, unhelpful and evasive. She finally agreed to put in an 'in house' call and get you to call me and update me.She said if I didn't receive a phone call within half an hour then I should call back.One hour later at 3.29 AEST, I had not been contacted by either you Alexan, Justina, or Fedex, so I called back. I asked for Justina.

I told her nobody had called. She said again that Eddie had gone home. That you had gone home. I asked to speak to senior management.

She said they had gone home. I asked for your mobile number. She said she had left numerous messages for you. That you would not return them.I asked her for the number of whom to call in an emergency.Justina said there was no emergency number.

She said if there was a problem out of business hours there was nobody I could call or whom I could call. She suggested I call back on Monday – 6 days after Fedex had promised to deliver them.In desperation I asked the contact number for the Fedex Jakarta manager so I could try and track down our documents. Justina put me on hold then came back and gave me a number for a person she said was named Kayre. She did not know if Kayre was female or male when I asked her.

Justina did not know what Kayres actual job was nor if she knew anything about the case of our documents.To now, I have no information.Both Eddie and Alexan have gone home without updating me. Justina has been rude, evasive and dismissive.I have an client with undelivered documents.Your office operations are diabolical.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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