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I sent an envelope from the US to Canada. I filled out the forms. and also on the envelope itself, I provided my return address with the country information, that is USA.

When sending, I asked the fedex employees in the office to be more careful since they are important documents for the government with a deadline. I reminded them an earlier mistake they made. The manager gave me a huge spiel with a rude, disrespectful attitude.

I received the envelope back after a few days, saying it could not be shipped because the commercial invoice had incomplete information regarding country of origin! So

- The employee in the office did a poor job filling out the form (despite all the things we talked about their earlier mistakes)

- The shipping employees could not figure out the country of origin for a brand new envelope that has not left the country! Moreover, the return address on the envelope has the country of origin!

I will go back on monday and will ask them to fix this and send asap with their fastest service FOR FREE, and return my money. I doubt that they will respond positively. But at least I will try.

I will NEVER use FEDEX again.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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if you can not deliver on a constrution site . post on line .pissed off contractor will not pick up package . send it back to the shipper so it can be delivered by compident shipping co!

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