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In the news you hear of customer's getting their packages stolen all the time from their front door. I have had numerous packages delivered lately, and they do not even knock on the door.

They just drop and run. Yesterday I was out of town and set a package to be dropped at my garage door out of site of the street view. When my wife got home 4 hrs later, there was a large package sitting at my front door!! How lazy and irresponsible can these guys be, even with delivery instructions??

That's total disrespect towards to customer in my opinion and plain laziness. .

If you call and complain, they just say sorry!! That doesn't help if a package worth a few hundred bucks disappears because they are lazy..

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The shipper is FedEx's customer, not you. You are the shipper's customer.

FedEx and UPS deliver as per the shippers instructions, not yours. You got your package, now STFU.

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