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I tracked my shipment receivable for a few days and is anticipating for it to arrive that I even took leave just to wait for the parcel at home.

Tracking time shows estimated 12pm.

I was at home in my room and couldn't hear the knock in my door, he claim to come at 11.35am. Left a note and left. There was clearly my contact number printed on his note but he didn't even attempt to call me!! I called for re delivery but they said its NOT possible to re deliver TODAY!! I waited at home in VAIN and I said I really need the item by tonight they suggest me to meet the courtier else there instead!! When it's not even my fault and I had to make my way to locate the courtier guy?? I'm super PISSED!! Until now there's no call from him whatsoever and now is 330pm.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #678291

Uhh, yeah it's your fault. You admitted you didn't hear him at the door.

I know when I'm waiting for something I make sure I'm paying attention!

So because your an ***, he should have to take the time to call you? I don't think so.

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