If I could give a negative star, you couldn't pay me quick enough to give it. I have had the worst customer service and the worst package deliveries over the past 6 months.

My first package was not delivered to my door, it was delivered to someone else. I complained to FedEx 3 times and I was brushed under the rug. There was nothing they could do since the package said it was delivered. News flash: It was not.

Customer service is a joke. They do not care how their employees handle the packages. Next inconvenience- I ordered a food package from a delivery service. The package arrived a day late.

The box had multiple holes in it. It quite literally looked as if it had been run over by a vehicle of some sort, or maybe a heard of cattle; it's debatable. I was shocked at the first glance but wait, it gets better. The chilling panels were completely in disarray and the food was on the outside of the chilling panels so all of the food ended up being room temperature to the touch.

Let's put some icing on this cake. The meat package was no where to be found. So I have all the condiments and vegetables to make a snack.

There's no point in complaining to fedex because they have such a blatant disregard for any kind of service. It's all a joke.

Location: Waynesboro, Virginia

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