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I have been waiting for a VERY important package and missed it 2 days in a row (due to work). On the 3rd day I desided I will take 4 hours of personal time from work to wait for the delivery.

At noon I check the fedex tracking number and it says I was not available for pick-up at 11:36am! Now I'm confused because I am sitting here waiting for my doorbell and I even went as far as to leave the door tag signed on my front door! Checked my doorbell, yup it works! Called fedex, spoke to Janise Employee ID#648148, she told me that the onlt thing she could do was send a hold "request" out to the station for me.

Which meant it may or may not be held, it was only a request and it will be up to the station to check the request box for this package, she informed me they something don't do that. Thank you FedEX for your great service!!!

I'm Pissed...

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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if it was that important, then maybe you should have had it delivered to your job? after third attempt, they do send back to sender.

its a waste of gas and time to keep coming out and ur not home.

fedex is not a storage company. you also could have had it held for pick up at a fedex shipping location when you knew you wouldnt be home.

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