My package was suppose to be delivered 12/20... Never was!

They said it would be delivered on 12/21.. No package. They are not reliable. I never want to order online off the company goes through fed ex.

Leaving for Christmas activities on Monday and will not have my package. Thank you for ruining my Christmas because you can't get your *** together.

I understand it's Christmas time but there is no excuse when the package is out for delivery and you don't make the stop not the day it should be delivered but the next day also. People shouldn't have to pay for shipping either when they can't stick to delivery dates

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #763117

I had a package that was supposed to come today. I waited all day.

It was overnighted to me. I called fedex at 6:00 pm. I was told "The driver had too many packages so he didnt get to yours"! Then im told this happens alot around this time and I might have it tomorrow but most likely Thursday.

How is a company run like this?

I dont understand! God how I hate FEDEX!

I have had similar experiences with Fedex over the last year. Instead of delivering my orders to my home or the designated shipping address like they are paid to do, they drop it off at the post office.

My post office is 15 miles away, and only open a couple of hours a day - while I am at work! I have to *** work to go pick up packages that should have been delivered to my house.

My Christmas has also been ruined by Fedex. I had to shop online this year because there was -0- time to go to any stores. I placed my orders on December 11, with a guaranteed delivery date of December 19.

The order was split up into three shipments. One of the packages was delivered to the post office December 20. The other two packages? One was sent back to Dallas for some reason - with no delivery date available.

The other one? Who knows? It's been "in transit" since December 17.

They don't even know where it is! :(
Providence, Rhode Island, United States #762472

The same exact thing happened to me on the same days. They said they couldn't deliver Friday because of a weather delay....it was 55 and sunny on Friday...after waiting on the phone for 4 hours, I finally got to speak to a living human who basically told me "we've been having a lot of problems lately" and that I was basically out of luck...since I got no where with them, I contacted Kohls to complain to them and explain why they shouldn't use FedEx anymore because this happens every single time they ship through FedEx...still waiting to hear back from them...

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