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When did the policy change about package wrapping to exclude Kraft paper? I was just turned away from the Fedex-Kinkos on Barrett Parkway because my package was wrapped in brown Kraft paper.

The clerk told me that "the paper clogs up the conveyor belts". Seriously? She wanted to sell me a box that met the requirements. I left.

If this is a policy change about wrapping requirements, it was poorly done.

If this is a clerk trying to boost sales, shame on you. In any case your poorly trained, abrasive and rude clerk has made me an very unhappy customer.

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The same thing happened to me at a Fedex in Wichita, KS. The clerk said that it was too easy to lose the label. I went to UPS and no problem.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #786809

I agree - it is a *** rule! I went through the same thing, but it was a small box so they let me tape the entire wrapped box....

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #781845


Don't exceed the weight specifications for your box.

Packages should be larger than 17.8 cm x 10.2 cm x 5.1 cm.

Center contents in sturdy box surrounded by cushioning (bubble wrap, "peanuts" or foam pads).

Cushion fragile items inside one box, then put into a larger box with 5.1 cm to 7.6 cm of cushioning around and inside the inner box.

Do not wrap the outer box with paper. Cover sharp or protruding edges with taped corrugated panels or pads. If finishes could be damaged or soiled in transit, place in protective container Notice "Do not wrap the outer box with paper"

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