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FedEx in Livonia Mich. where do I began.I used the tracking site to find out my delivery date it stated 5 9 16.This date was changed by Fed Ex to 5 13 16.There was no delivery,when I came home from work,the delivery date was changed by Fed EX to 5 16 16.I contacted them and requested a 5 20 16 date so I would be home.The date was listed as 5 18 16.Several calls were made which was a waste of time,the date was never changed.I was also told the

ground crew did not deliver packages on the weekend,On sat 5 14 16 I saw to different FedEx

trucks in Livonia.How do I know they were two different trucks one was a van the other was a


I received a call from them to tell me my address was not correct,I informed them my address was correct and the female insisted her driver knew my address was wrong. I told her I know where I live and I did not just move there.The delivery date was then place as open which means it would not be delivered.I called them the evening of 5 19 16 to make sure the delivery would be 5 20 16 and I was told it would be.However, the morning of 5 20 16 there was no date and I called just after 6:00am a Lady was helpful she placed me on hold and less than 15 minute the date showed up on my computer and it was delivered that day. I wish I could have remember her name,she was the only one at that location that knew what she was doing.Just know Fed Ex this is also going to the BBB.

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