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I brought the 2 days air shipping on March 5, 2013 and it is March 7, 2013 and I do not have my package which was suppose to be delivered on March 7, 2013 at about 7 o'clock so now I am pissed off at the fact that I might not be able to run in my track meet tomorrow cause y'all don't know how to ship a 2day air package faster after I paid y'all $28 to do that. I wasted my money on y'all. So I need to get my money back for that 2 day shipping cause my track shoes ain't here.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #619327

What country do you live in, that you ordered a two day delivery, and expect to receive it before two days are up. No matter what time zone you live in it is too early in the morning to expect FedEx to be out making delivery.

Furthermore, you are taking a risk if you expect to order shoes, for an alleged track meet, without having had an opportunity to wear them for awhile before the competitions start.

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