I've had it with FedEx, over the last week we were finalizing the closing of real estate we owned in another city several hundred miles away. The Title company handling the closing used FedEx for all the 24 hour overnight document exchanges. One took three days. The final straw was the seller check (in excess of $150,000) was to be overnight with delivery by 10:30 AM requiring a signature for delivery. We waited all day and received nothing, at 7:00PM I called the title agent at home to obtain the tracking information. Nothing entered in the FedEx system. At 9:50PM the dog started barking for no apparent reason we checked the front door and found

the overnight envelope and another package sitting on our front porch in the poring rain. No door bell rung, no requested signature taken just a soaking wet envelope and package.

We are presently waiting for two items ordered for Xmas that were shipped 12/15/13 to be delivered by 12/18/13 (presently it is December 22) and nothing has posted in the FedEx tracking system for since 12/16/13 when the items left the FedEx sort facility for our area sort facility.

We will now only do internet business with companies who use any shipper other than FedEx.

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